We are Omnistruct.

A construction and design firm based in Sydney, Australia specialising in end-to-end commercial, industrial, aquatic and government developments.

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By integrating design, craftsmanship, innovation and a big-picture focus, Omnistruct builds spaces that better our community and our environment


Through end-to-end construction, we bring our nimble, knowledgeable and considered approach to every project. The result is a streamlined, stress-free customer experience and a finished product of the highest standard.


What truly sets us apart is our ability to connect the dots and create spaces that are transformative, functional and future-focused.

What we do

Omnistruct specialises in 4 key areas of construction—aquatic, industrial, commercial and Government.

While each sector has its own unique challenges and requirements, our overarching goals are the same—a satisfied client and a finished product that not only exceeds the brief, but also improves both its cultural and environmental landscape.
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