What we do.

Omnistruct specialises in four key areas of construction—aquatic, industrial, commercial and government.


Innovative, safe and robust recreational spaces.

Aquatic centres are places for play, for learning, for relaxation and for connection—they are the heart of a community and as such, need to be innovative, enjoyable and safe.

Omnistruct’s specialist aquatic design team are well versed in the unique set of challenges and requirements that come with aquatic projects and have proven experience in the design and construction of these much-loved community spaces.

Our team has extensive knowledge and expertise in common features of aquatic facilities such as water features, demolition, shade structures, kiosks and commercial kitchens, subsurface drainage systems, plant rooms, tiered seating and thermally insulated roofing, as well as being renowned specialists in vinyl-lined renovated pools

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Buildings that support, better and enhance our community.

At Omnistruct, we work closely with local councils and businesses on a range of industrial construction projects, bringing our committed and considered approach to the design and execution of every build.

By deploying our expert team and using cutting-edge building materials and techniques we ensure the completed structure not only is robust, safe and of the highest quality, but also works in harmony with its environment and the public’s needs.

Common features of our innovative, future-focused industrial work include subsurface drainage to control water on our sites, allowing for a superior quality build and peace of mind knowing that the structural issues are mitigated, and waterproof membrane that allows us to warrant the waterproofness of our builds by six times more than the industrial standard.


Transformative commercial and cultural spaces.

Commercial buildings are an addition to a community’s cultural landscape and have the power to transform an environment—we make sure that transformation is positive for the daily life and wellbeing of the people using it.

We work with a range of commercial clients on projects such as fire stations, museums, and cultural centres and other fit-for-purpose commercial buildings, drawing on the skills and expertise of our high-calibre team to deeply understand the purpose of the space and the organisation’s needs.

This ensures that we respond to the core requirements of the building and client by considering things like necessary partitioning of space, office and kitchen facilities, whether the building needs to contain living quarters, or custom space for large vehicles, among other needs.


Constructing homes that are built to house people and memories.

We’re passionate about the power of construction to connect and inspire, and nowhere is this more important than building for families. That’s why we’re committed to building great living environments that will create lasting memories.

We design and construct safe, sustainable spaces using cutting-edge materials and building processes to suit every family’s living requirement.

Our team’s design prowess ensures that each room is considered, robust yet also spacious to foster a comfortable environment for both young and old.

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